Toss N’ Save® is 100% CANADIAN

Designed, developed, manufactured, constructed and inspected in CANADA


Flotation Disc

  • This bright orange throwing aid is made from lightweight, highly buoyant polyethylene
  • Gasoline, UV, and chemical resistant, ideal for use on motorboats
  • 10 ½” in diameter with a 4” hole in the center and 2.5” deep
  • Is a flotation aid, with approx. 10lbs of buoyancy

Buoyant Rope

  • 15.8 m (52’) of 6 mm diameter, bright yellow polypropylene heaving line, wraps around groove in the disc
  • A high-grade single braid safety rope
  • Lab-tested 1,000 lb breaking strength
  • Floating rope remains tangle-free and ready to use

Super Cool

  • Easy to throw with good accuracy and distance
  • Fast reload and rewind time
  • Small and lightweight, easy to store marine safety equipment
  • The 4” hole in the center makes it extremely easy to hold onto
  • Excellent visibility in the water due to colour and buoyancy
  • Left- or right-handed function is identical
Why So Cool?

Toss N’ Save® is Ideal for…

...Boat Owners

Assists boaters in complying with TRANSPORT CANADA Small Vessel Regulations for pleasure craft under 24m (78ft).  Internationally countries require throw/heave lines as part of their safety equipment on board (New Zealand, Australia, U.K, Portugal, Italy, France, and Spain)

  •         Motorboats
  •         Canoes
  •         Sailboats
  •         Houseboats
  •         Personal Watercraft
...Cottage Owners & Recreational Resorts
  • Cottage Owner: Within reach for waterfront and boating safety equipment, meets TRANSPORT CANADA Small vessel regulations for pleasure craft under 24m (78ft)
  • Recreational Resorts:  The easiest, most affordable way to improve your customers’ safety
...Fishing Enthusiasts
  • Stay Safe
  • Stay Legal
  • Avoid fines
...Winter Recreational Use
  • Ice rescue
  • Snowmobiling safety
...Homeowners & Commercial Pools

In Canada, Toss N’ Save complies with the Provincial Health Protection and Promotions Acts

...Rescue Equipment
  • Lifeguards, swimming pool safety equipment
  • Emergency responders
  • Personal water safety equipment – floodwaters, emergency rope
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Toss N’ Save®

Water is the most life sustaining gift on Mother Earth and is the interconnection among all living beings.  Water is the blood of Mother Earth and, as such, cleanses not only herself, but all living things.  Water shapes the land and gives us the great gifts of the rivers, lakes, ice, and oceans.  Water is the home of many living things that contribute to the health and well-being of everything not in the water.

The canoe is perhaps the ultimate expression of elegance and function. All its parts come from nature, and when it is retired, it returns to nature. The canoe was critical to almost every facet of life for every living soul in Canada. Save for the tribes of the Plains, it was the principal means of transportation across the country.

Over the years canoeing and kayaking have become a phenomenal recreational pastime. Millions around the world spend their leisure time enjoying the waterways.  Unfortunately, this pass time can be filled with dangers, according to the World Health Organization, drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide.

Our company’s beginnings were inspired by the need for emergency equipment required for recreational boating.  Heave line is a requirement for all recreational boats in Canada. 

Toss N’ Save® is a patented innovation unlike anything else on the market today:  an ultra-strong 52 foot (15.8 m) buoyant heaving line; combined with a flotation aide that is both easy to throw and grab. Fast, accurate and effective when rescuing someone in danger of drowning. A must-have for anyone in, on or near water.

Meet our

Leadership Team

Manfred Klotz

Inventor, Director of Manufacturing & Operations.

An avid outdoorsman, Manfred is always looking for ways to make the experience as enjoyable and safe as possible. Inspiration struck and he found a revolutionary idea to help save lives.  The primary focus is on Plant Operations, assembly of Toss N’ Save, incoming & outgoing inspections of goods and maintaining our QMS standards for all processes.

Teresa Klotz

Managing Director of Administration & Sales

With a strong and diverse background in administration, Primary focus is Administration and Sales; 
management of QMS, all financial records and systems, all marketing & sales process, and promotions.


Our Mission

Windabout Enterprises Inc. provides our customers with an alternative in recreational water safety.

Our Primary Goal is to increase the chance of saving someone from drowning by providing a water safety device that can be used by anyone.

Windabout is committed to customer satisfaction and earning a worldwide reputation with our new brand Toss N’ Save®


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